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Mesopotamia by Ryan G.

November 30, 2005 by Mr. Hetherington · 2 Comments · Ryan G., Social Studies Essays, Uncategorized

Ishtar Gate

Have you ever wondered where the first civilization developed? First, what is a civilization? Civilization is a culture of people that have each of these things:

  • A system of writing
  • Cities
  • Workers who specialize in certain type of work. Who was first to have these?

In 3000 BC between the rivers of Tigris and the Euphrates was the first civilization in the ancient land of Mesopotamia in what today is Syria and Iraq. Mesopotamia means “the land between the rivers” and plays a significant part in the bible. During this time, three civilizations were falling in and out of power one of which were the Sumerians in Sumer who were the first to do many things. They were known mainly for creating the first government and the first kind of writing called cuneiform where triangular wood sticks were used to write. They wrote on clay tablets that trained archeologists can still read today. The Sumerians also invented the first pottery wheel and the first plow. The most interesting part of the Sumerian culture was their belief in the after- life. They also worshiped hundreds of gods that resembled snake- like dragons.

Another ancient civilization in the land of Mesopotamia was the Assyrians of Assyria. The Assyrians were harsh, cruel, blood- thirsty warriors who hunted lions and conquered many cities. They were known for their huge stone figures they used to scare off intruders. Often the statue was combination of different animals with human heads. Although the Assyrians were tough and cruel they also had a softer side. They made fine jewelry, pots, and crowns using many different metals with precious stones imported from far off cities. Their work was very accurate, and their artwork was unique and beautifully made.

The last civilization I am here to tell you about is the Babylonians from Babylonia. They were known for their decorative, massive, double- walled entrance traveling all the way around the city. As a result, this civilization survived for centuries.

Since Mesopotamia, many more civilizations have been started, and still many are yet to be created. The study of civilization may not seem significant, but without civilization it we wouldn’t be able to communicate in writing, live together effectively, or have life as we know it.

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